Going ham with Next.js

How far can you push Next.js? What can you build with it? Let's find out.
December, 2020

Geo queries with Prisma

Prisma doesn't support a lot of native types yet. So what's the workaround for PostGIS queries?
October, 2020

ESLint for new projects

A reference store of my ESLint configurations for new projects.
October, 2020

Corona times

It's been a long time since I posted anything. Time for a catch-up.
June, 2020


Prodo is a name I used for an SMS API I built years ago. But that never panned out, so I repurposed it when I built a snippet manager last weekend.
September, 2019


I first built PlanBear with Ember and Cordova during a Hackathon. It's like Meetup for smaller and more spontaneous plans.
September, 2019

Building a website with Stitch and Next

I'm always trying to rebuild my blog with different tech to see what works best. This approach uses Stitch, Next.js and React.
September, 2019

Surviving Azure Functions

My year with Azure Functions and how I survived.
July, 2019


The past, present, and future of one of my oldest ideas.
May, 2019

Last two months

What I've been up to for the last two months and why I've abandoned all my goals.
May, 2019


Mittens brings you push notifications from GitHub.
March, 2019

Goodbye, Metro

I shut down my first app ever. A story of being outdone.
February, 2019

Starting with React Native

Setting up a React Native projects with CocoaPods can be tricky. Here are some of my tricks so you can avoid Xcode hell.
February, 2019

Building WoWdb

WoWdb is a mobile World of Warcraft database. It's built with React, React Native, Fastify, MongoDB, and hosted on Render.
January, 2019

Location picker with React Native

A performance-oriented approach to let users pick their location on a map.
January, 2019

Building a website with Prismic

How I rebuilt my website using Prismic, a headless CMS, and React.
January, 2019